AC Repair in Modesto, Turlock and Merced

It is that time of year where the Modesto, Turlock and Merced Sun will start heating up the landscape and you’ll have to turn on your air conditioner. That’s when you may find it is not working. So, now is the time to call Econo Air for your pre-season tune-up. Just like the NFL, you don’t want to go into the season without being ready. Econo Air offers some great deals on preventive maintenance for your AC unit in Modesto, Turlock and Merced.

If you’re already feeling the heat of Spring in the Central Valley, and your air conditioner in Turlock, Modesto or Merced is giving you trouble already, Econo Air offers same day service and great prices on AC Repairs. Econo Air’s friendly staff of highly qualified technicians will be there for you when you need them most. When you’re hot and you are sitting there with a broken AC, they will fix your broken AC unit and get you comfortable once more.

So, if you’re looking for a preventive maintenance tune-up on your air conditioner or if it’s already giving you trouble, the professionals at Econo Air are standing by to solve your problems. To get immediate service, call one of our local numbers above and a friendly service advisor will assist you.

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