Air Conditioner Modesto Repair Specialists

Econo Air is your Air Conditioner Modesto Repair Specialts If you’re in Modesto and you need an air conditioner repair specialist, look no further than Econo Air at 209 529-1600. Econo Air has been serving the Valley including Modesto, Turlock, Merced, Atwater and all the surrounding communities with excellent air conditioner repair service for over…read more.

Air Conditioning Repair Modesto

We are your Air conditioning repair Modesto choice? If you need air conditioning repair Modesto’s best option is Econo Air. If your air conditioning unit AC is not putting out the cooling you need to deal with the Summer heat in Modesto, we can help.  Econo Air is the Central Valley’s premier air conditioning and heating…read more.

AC Repair in Modesto, Turlock and Merced

It is that time of year where the Modesto, Turlock and Merced Sun will start heating up the landscape and you’ll have to turn on your air conditioner. That’s when you may find it is not working. So, now is the time to call Econo Air for your pre-season tune-up. Just like the NFL, you…read more.

Energy Saving Tips for Summer

With Summer just a couple of months away, you’ll want to keep cool by using your air conditioner, but you’ll also want to save money on your energy bill. Don’t worry, Econo Air is here to help you do just that with these reliable, energy saving tips. Use the microwave– Your microwave uses two-thirds less…read more.

Heater and AC Repair in Modesto, Merced and Turlock

If you live in the Modesto, Turlock or Merced area and your heater is broken or malfunctioning, you don’t have to settle for the cold. You owe it to yourself to call Econo Air and get your heater repaired at a low, reasonable price.  We recently expanded our Ac and heater repair to Fresno and…read more.

Why Econo Air is the best choice for air conditioner and heater repair!

Econo Air offers the best service for air conditioning and heater repair in the Central Valley.  We service and repair heaters and air conditioners in Modesto, Turlock, Merced, Madera and Fresno.  We offer affordable repairs with our promise of clear, up-front pricing and guaranteed satisfaction.  Our per-job prices ensure that you get exactly the service…read more.

Energy Saving Tips from Econo Air

 Econo Air wants to ensure that your family stays warm this winter at a low cost to you. So,we’ve compiled a list of tips that can help you and your family save energy and money. Take advantage of heat from the sun -Open curtains during the day to allow the sunlight to naturally heat your…read more.

Econo Air Service in Fresno

With Winter cooling Fresno and Madera down to the teens, heater repair companies are raising their prices.  That’s where Econo Air can make a difference.  Our fast, same day heater repair service in Fresno, Madera, Chowchilla and Merced is a guaranteed winner at prices you can afford. At Econo Air, we stand behind our workmanship.…read more.